Friday, February 3, 2012

January's In's and Out's

Hey girls!

So January just passed and I feel like its the appropriate time to post this. These were the things I have loved and disliked the past month.


Obviously I am not at that level of expertise in braiding, but I found that last month I have wore braids more. Its quick, easy, and the next day you wake up with gorgeous beachy waves. I would like to try this bun-kinda-looking-hairstyle with the braid on the bottom. Hmmmm... I wonder who would teach me how to do this!

I missed drawing, sketching, doodling, fooling around in my drawing pads, etc. Previously in an art program for three years, I am in love with art and anything artistic. So, this month I have dedicated time for my artistic endeavors. LOL
It's not all that fancy-sh-pansy, but I realized that drawing (or being creative in general) helps me relax.


Phone Cases
I have literally found sooo many cute cases for my iPhone through Tumblr or fellow bloggers. I have one right now that is deep purple with pink glitter that I absolutely love! But I mean, who wouldn't want a case with a bunny tail and ears? LOL (:


I have to confess, that I was never a lipstick girl... that was before January. I have suddenly gotten into wearing lipstick, which is so unusual considering I either wear pigmented gloss or plain lip tint/stain. I always thought that lipstick was for older people and you have to be a certain age to pull it off, but my opinions have changed!
It started when my best friend applied a tube of a VERY beautiful pink lipstick after a lunch out together. Of course, it was one of those high-end brands that I was not willing to shell out money for. So instead I went out and bought a shade of pink from Wet 'n Wild for around 4 dollars. Its called Think Pink and I have used about one fourth of the tube up already.


Sugary Treats

I know you are ALL hating me right now for writing this. But I mean, I'm kinda on a confession streak here, so I might as well.
As much as I love candy and will always hold a special place in my heart for it, I refuse to eat it as much as I did before. Summer is coming up and I still have a couple of those holiday pounds to shed in order to get into good shape. So, therefore, my love affair with sugar has to be momentarily paused.



Dark colors/ Heavy Fabric

I am trying so hard to transition from heavy, bulky sweaters to lightweight knits and blouses. It's getting warmer, but we still have some chilly days. Ugh, the weather is so confusing. I'm also trying to incorporate more colors into  my outfits if I do happen to wear something thicker.

Thanks all folks! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an amazing weekend.
xoxo, Lera <3


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