Friday, July 8, 2011

A little goodbye to all my beauties...

This is the last post for a while... or until August that is.

I'm leaving tomorrow :( 
Blahhhhhhh--- I HATE airplanes. They make my head spin and my tummy hurt. I hope everything will be alright this time.


I am so upset that I cannot blog for almost two entire months. I'm gonna miss your lovely comments.

I pinky promise.

To all my followers....

I love you guys sooo much!! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read my little blog! I appreciate it and you! 

See you soon!

 Love, Lera :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Top Most Worn Jewelry! (Lots of pictures :)

Hello beauties!

I have yet another post for you. (Did you notice how I try to make one everyday?) I think this might be the last post until August :(
But...I pinky promise that I will try my hardest to make a post tomorrow because I leave on Saturday.

Today's post will be on the "Top Most Worn Jewelry"


Let me start of by saying that this is not all my jewelry. I have tons more of it. But these are just the ones that I tend to wear out the most for whatever reason...
And these aren't in order of most worn or least worn- the're in random order.

1. Eiffel Tower Necklace from Claire's
- If you read one of my previous posts from long ago you might have known that I was in a love phase with Eiffel Towers- that's how I got this necklace. And I ADORE it!!

2. Flower Ring from Forever 21.
- This is actually my twin's ring that I really like. I fell in love with the color of it- it's sort of a minty green shade.

3. Another ring from Forever 21. 
- This happens to be another one of my sister's rings... ha ha
I remember picking it out with her- it was only $1.50!! It's simple and adds a nice finishing touch to some of my outfits :)

4. Heart Lock Necklace from one of my local jewelry stores. 
(Sorry the picture is sideways)
- I won't mention the name of the store because there is only one where I live...
But I love anything with hearts on it so that's why I love this piece.

5. Hearts Bracelet from Aeropostale
- OK... I admit it, this one is my sister's too! But what am I supposed to do? Her jewelry is sooo cute! and it's so pretty :D 
Plus, sharing is caring...right?

6. Betsey Johnson Bracelet.
- I love Johnson's designs. They are crazy, colorful, and unique. I got this bracelet from "Santa" during Christmas.

7. Diamond Studs.
- This is definitely my number one most worn piece of jewelry. These baby's go with everything and make the look seem more "complete" and put together.

8 and 9. Pearl Studs from Claire's and Flower Earrings from F21.
- Again, sorry the picture is sideways. I'm still working on my photography skills LOL
I like to wear the pearls with a more softer and romantic look. And as for the flowers, I like to wear them for a pop of brightness to a dull look.

10. Bow earrings from Claire's
- These are so cute! Little bows on your ears... what can be more adorable?? 
I like that they are gold, you don't see a lot of bows in gold- so this was a huge score!

This complete's My Top Most Worn Jewelry List!
Thank you for reading! :D

Love, Lera <3 <3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ten things you don't know about me...

Hi lovelies!
You might have noticed the list of upcoming posts on the left that I have. 
One of them is the "Ten things you don't know about me" post, which I am going to do!
(If you would like to suggest me a post to do ( I would LOVE it!), do so in the comments!
Here it goes....

1. My favorite colors are pastels and soft shades. They are very subtle and calm.

2. I am Russian! In fact I'm 100% Russian and proud! I talk it, write it, and read it :)

3. I have a twin! And I can prove it...

( Me on the left, her on the right)
(These are our graduation dresses, they matched! And no, she isn't made up or fake.)

4. My favorite animals are cats. I love kittens...they are so fluffy and absolutely cute!

5. I love all seafood! In fact, I want some now... :)

6. My favorite flowers are lilacs. They smell DIVINE! 

7. I'm a hugeeeee nerd! I love sci-fi books... you might have noticed from my "Book Haul".

8. I love interior decorating and I'm always changing up my room.

9. I really like floral patterns and boho- feel clothes.

10. I LOVE all my followers soooo much! Thank you for reading my blog!! <3 <3 :) And I tag you to do this tag!

 Love, Lera :D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monthly In's and Out's

Hey lovelies!

I decided to start doing these "Monthly In's and Out's" after finding out that they are really fun for readers!
So, here is my shot at these posts...

-In: Sleeping late. I now have the choice to stay in bed until whatever time because it's summer. I'm happy because not only am I more energetic, but my eye bags seemed to disappear :)

- IN: Cute flippies. I actually own the ones in the first picture (the gold ones). The Chanel pink flip flops are on my "I want but will never ever get" wish list. 

-IN: Going to the beach. I admit it- I hate the beach! The messy sand that gets everywhere, the ocean water that you can't really swim in...but I have been OBSESSED with going to the beach. I don't really mind the sand and water anymore because it's absolutely beautiful sitting and tanning there.

-OUT: Eating junk food and other crappy foods. I have been trying to eat more healthy and have noticed a big difference. It's like I can breathe easier and feel lighter. Ha ha :)

-OUT: Styling hair. I realized that it's not healthy at all for your hair and that I needed to stop. So, I have been leaving my hair as is, or sometimes braiding it to get waves :)

-OUT: Heavy make-up. I cringed when I saw this photo. How can someone possibly think that this looks "pretty" or at least OK to wear out? OMG! Anywho, I have been wearing less and less makeup every day. I wouldn't say I wear tons of it on a daily basis, but still... As a result, my skin has been feeling better and nicer.

Did you like this post and want me to do them every month? Tell me what you think! :)

                                   Have a lovely day...
                                                                         Love, Lera <3

P.S.... Isn't this picture adorable?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! YAY for Independence Day!!

Hey lovelies,

It started out as a gloomy day, but progressed to an amazing sunny sky! I spend the day at the beach (Soooo many people!) with my family. Yesterday, I had a BBQ with my best friends :) It's her birthday tomorrow <3

Short post-- I know :(

 Enjoy your day whatever you guys are doing, thank you for reading <3
                                                                                                                                    Love, Lera

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lera's Beauty Tip #1 -- Getting the 3D Blush Look

Hi girlies,
You might have noticed how some makeup companies sell 3D blushes, right?
They are just  regular blushes with shimmer and glitter.
And they charge high prices for something that can be achieved with products that you already own.
I will let you in on a little trick that I have been doing everyday to get the "3D" blush look, that actually works!!

You will need:
Two blushes; one lighter and one darker ( I suggest you pick colors that you usually wear; such as pinks or corals or peachy colors. They should look somewhat alike.)

I like to use
- Mac Well-Dressed Blush (used as top shade)
- Covergirl Blush in Natural Twinkle (used as bottom shade)
Where to apply:

1. Use the lighter shade in the #2 area.
2. Use the darker shade in the #1 area.
3. OPTIONAL: Highlight the cheekbone (#6) with a soft beige shade.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

                                                                                               Love, Lera <3

** I don't own the two blush pictures. Diagram can be found at **