Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Top Most Worn Jewelry! (Lots of pictures :)

Hello beauties!

I have yet another post for you. (Did you notice how I try to make one everyday?) I think this might be the last post until August :(
But...I pinky promise that I will try my hardest to make a post tomorrow because I leave on Saturday.

Today's post will be on the "Top Most Worn Jewelry"


Let me start of by saying that this is not all my jewelry. I have tons more of it. But these are just the ones that I tend to wear out the most for whatever reason...
And these aren't in order of most worn or least worn- the're in random order.

1. Eiffel Tower Necklace from Claire's
- If you read one of my previous posts from long ago you might have known that I was in a love phase with Eiffel Towers- that's how I got this necklace. And I ADORE it!!

2. Flower Ring from Forever 21.
- This is actually my twin's ring that I really like. I fell in love with the color of it- it's sort of a minty green shade.

3. Another ring from Forever 21. 
- This happens to be another one of my sister's rings... ha ha
I remember picking it out with her- it was only $1.50!! It's simple and adds a nice finishing touch to some of my outfits :)

4. Heart Lock Necklace from one of my local jewelry stores. 
(Sorry the picture is sideways)
- I won't mention the name of the store because there is only one where I live...
But I love anything with hearts on it so that's why I love this piece.

5. Hearts Bracelet from Aeropostale
- OK... I admit it, this one is my sister's too! But what am I supposed to do? Her jewelry is sooo cute! and it's so pretty :D 
Plus, sharing is caring...right?

6. Betsey Johnson Bracelet.
- I love Johnson's designs. They are crazy, colorful, and unique. I got this bracelet from "Santa" during Christmas.

7. Diamond Studs.
- This is definitely my number one most worn piece of jewelry. These baby's go with everything and make the look seem more "complete" and put together.

8 and 9. Pearl Studs from Claire's and Flower Earrings from F21.
- Again, sorry the picture is sideways. I'm still working on my photography skills LOL
I like to wear the pearls with a more softer and romantic look. And as for the flowers, I like to wear them for a pop of brightness to a dull look.

10. Bow earrings from Claire's
- These are so cute! Little bows on your ears... what can be more adorable?? 
I like that they are gold, you don't see a lot of bows in gold- so this was a huge score!

This complete's My Top Most Worn Jewelry List!
Thank you for reading! :D

Love, Lera <3 <3


  1. cool blog

  2. So many cute pieces:-) I'm a big fan of dainty studs too...pearls, diamonds, and flowers! xoxo

  3. Bows galore!! They add such a nice polished and cute touch to any outfit :D

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