Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve!

Hello beauties!

Can you believe 2011 is coming to such a fast end? I can't!
I wanted to write you all a quick little note to wish you a beautiful holiday season. I hope that you all had an amazing 2011 and I am going to wish you an even better 2012.



I know I haven't put up my Christmas Wishlist or anything like that, but to be honest I have no idea what I want- as I already have more than what I can ever wish for.

But, you know, in case Santa is reading this... those gorgeous Steve Madden and Urban Outfitters bags are "ahhh". Haha :)

Lots of love and best wishes,
xoxo, Lera <3

Ohh and what kind of post would this be without a little bit of beauty in it?


(all photos were found on weheartit) :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

NOTD- Sally Hansen Plum's The Word

Hi beauties!

A NOTD today, I forgot the last time I did these. LOL
I have been into darker, gloomier colors and this nail polish extenuates my current obsession.

It looks perfect on and very well comes to this seasons hottest trends. The formula is from their Complete Salon Manicure line. I find this line to be a little more "serious". In my opinion, the colors are much more sophisticated and the formula is much better. A little more creamy and opaque, perhaps.

In this picture, I have on two coats of the nails polish. I had it on for three days (no base or top coats) and so far no chipping!

xoxo,Lera <3

Friday, December 2, 2011

December LOVE...

It's December!
I am sooo excited that the holiday season is finally here!

I haven't been updating a lot, but a lot has happened.
-School is still a hectic mess, but don't worry I'm doing really good.
-I have fallen in love with gel eyeliner (you will see later.)
-Cookies are absolutely delicious right about now!
-It's Friday!

Anyways.... I have a couple Monthly In's And Out's


Wet 'n Wild Gel Eyeliner....
On days when I don't have swim practice, I don't have very much  time to actually put on make-up. Therefore, this is a big lifesaver. It is so much easier than applying a straight line with liquid and takes a couple of seconds.
Aside from that all I wear is powder and some Chapstick...very simple.


Are you getting the hint ;)?
I love them. I have purchased two specific rings that I have been sporting quite a lot.

This exact one, but in blue, which is from Forever 21.

And I like this one too, kind of reminds me of YSL's rings.
By the way, you can find the other ring that I bought by following me on Instagram #simplylera.
Tribal Print...
I have acquired about 10 things since last month with a tribal print. It's so strange considering I'm more attractive to florals, lacey thingies, and everything girly.

And I can't wait to do these nails.

This is a LONGG post, but I haven't done one in a while.


It's all about the boots, baby!
Combat, military, pirate, biker. YOU NAME IT!

Plain nails...
Think more like, prints such as snowflakes and cute winter designs for the holiday season. If you're not a pro or can't do the design well- try these... they are amazing!

And finally...
Silver accessories...
I have been only wearing gold (not real, of course) accessories. I don't know exactly why, but silver looks really ugly to me right now. I hope I snap out of it soon because I have TONS of silver jewelry. LOL

Have a good holiday season!
xoxo, Lera :) <3

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Forever 21 Haul & New Wallet

Hey girlies!

Today I got myself some retail therapy. And where better place to go then Forever 21?

Guys don't get how girls do it... But it sure works. :)

I got new jewelry because it's obviously my favorite thing to buy! I love how it's so cheap at Forever 21. You can get the latest trends without spending a fortune!

• Blue antique ring was $4.80
I love how vintage and boho it looks. My sister hated it but I didn't care :) haha

• Rose ring was $3.80
It was so pretty and I just had to have it. Plus, it's gold! Gold is my favorite metal finish.

• Cloth Braid Bracelet was $4.80
I actually found this in a bin when I was checking out. It was so beautiful. The navy print with pink roses sold me! And I love the chain braided in between- makes it look edgy.

• Necklace with two yellow stones was $4.80.
As I was looking through the necklaces, this one caught my eye because of the two sparkly stones hanging off it. I quickly snatched it up before anyone could get it.

• Gold necklace with pink rhinestone heart was $2.80
Did I mention that I love anything with hearts on it? This necklace was no exception! It was so cute and the heart was pink! One word... Perfect!

• Silver Wallet was on sale for $9.87 at Kohl's.
I really needed a new wallet to carry to school. The one I was using was scratched up and dirty... Eww! So when I saw this one at Kohl's I knew that I had to have it! It was thin and light, with the perfect amount of space. I must admit though that the sparkles sold me :D

Enjoy the pictures!

xoxo, Lera <3

Friday, November 11, 2011

Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lip Gloss Review

Hey beauties!

I have a little review for you, I know I haven't done one in a while :( ... sorry

As you may have heard already, Rimmel has released new lip glosses. They are called StayGlossy.
I was able to pick up two shades called Always Lovely (the hot pink shade) and Non-Stop Glamour (the nude shade.)

Being completely different shades, I was surprised that the texture was the same for both.

The hot pink shade didn't come out looking so hot pink. Instead it was a soft pink shade with silver sparkles. There was even a bit of a blue undertone.

The nude-ish shade has tons and tons of beautiful gold glitter. I was pleasantly surprised upon finding all that gold! The gloss took down the natural pinky-ness of my lips. It made then more neutral, but not zombie-looking. LOL. :)

Now for the formula... The company claims that you will get 6 hours of wear out of the gloss. When I wore it, it lasted about 4 hours, but it DID last through a whole meal which amazed me! It's not slippery but not too sticky either. Perfect medium! The smell kind of reminds me of the Moisture Renew glosses from the line. It's pleasant and not too strong.

Overall... I believe that these glosses are a must have! There is a lot of shades that you can choose from and I think that each one is around $5-6.

Enjoy the photos!

xoxo, Lera

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Forest Green Coat

Hello beautiful girlies!

I am so sick :( blehh... Literally lying in bed and making this post with my phone. This is an outfit that I wore a couple of days ago that I forgot to post. So here it is... ( btw, I have so much OOTD's on my phone that I still need to post.)

Sorry for the lack of posts! I know that I went from posting everyday to practically once every month. :( I'm really trying to get ahold of school and work.

Scarf: My mother's :D ( One of her girlfriends got it for her during Christmas... I'm not sure from where but it's so soft and beautiful!)
Coat: Kenneth Cole Reaction ( By far my MOST FAVORITE coat of all times. The very first button is supposed to be un-buttoned but it was so cold that day that I decided to button it all the way up.)
Boots: Black Uggs (I'm not sure what the style is called but they aren't the "classic" ones)
Jeans: Levi's

Love and bises (that's kisses in French)
Lera :D <3

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monthly In's and Out's and a Ramble

Hi girls!
The truth is that I have completely abandoned my blog. School is soo crazy. I get incredible amounts of homework, it is so hectic. In fact, I just finished writing an essay for one of my classes and still need to  write one more tomorrow. I know- ewww.
On bright side, I have made loads of incredible friends that I am grateful for. No one, is exactly like my three best friends, though. I still keep in touch with them, but it;s not the same without them.
Anywhooo, sorry for the depressing start!
I actually have a post for you, and it's gonna be a post that you enjoy!

Monthly In's and Out's...

Fuzzy socks- nothing beats them when you are doing homework and it is freezing in the house.

Hershey's syrup- Last month it was Nutella that was my obssesion, but now it's this syrup. I literally put it over everything, yummm


Face masks- so relaxing and calming! I have been doing one every week because I have been getting bad skin breakouts due to stress. My favorite is Queen Helene's Mint Julep


Glitter Polish- lack of time= glitter polish. It is really easy to just paint your nails with glitter polishes because they last longer, you can be messy with them because no one notices the uneven strokes and what-not, and they are awesome! I posted lots of NOTD's where I had a glitter polish on. Right now, I have on a pink sparkle shade from Wet 'n Wild.

School- I'm so tired of it already...make it end please and I'll give you a cookie :D

Flats and sandals- Despite my indescribable love for these types of shoes, it has officially become too cold to wear them. Believe me, I tried to wear them for as long as possible before I got frost bite.


That's it girlies! 
Don't forget that I love you and I will talk to you all soon!