Friday, December 2, 2011

December LOVE...

It's December!
I am sooo excited that the holiday season is finally here!

I haven't been updating a lot, but a lot has happened.
-School is still a hectic mess, but don't worry I'm doing really good.
-I have fallen in love with gel eyeliner (you will see later.)
-Cookies are absolutely delicious right about now!
-It's Friday!

Anyways.... I have a couple Monthly In's And Out's


Wet 'n Wild Gel Eyeliner....
On days when I don't have swim practice, I don't have very much  time to actually put on make-up. Therefore, this is a big lifesaver. It is so much easier than applying a straight line with liquid and takes a couple of seconds.
Aside from that all I wear is powder and some Chapstick...very simple.


Are you getting the hint ;)?
I love them. I have purchased two specific rings that I have been sporting quite a lot.

This exact one, but in blue, which is from Forever 21.

And I like this one too, kind of reminds me of YSL's rings.
By the way, you can find the other ring that I bought by following me on Instagram #simplylera.
Tribal Print...
I have acquired about 10 things since last month with a tribal print. It's so strange considering I'm more attractive to florals, lacey thingies, and everything girly.

And I can't wait to do these nails.

This is a LONGG post, but I haven't done one in a while.


It's all about the boots, baby!
Combat, military, pirate, biker. YOU NAME IT!

Plain nails...
Think more like, prints such as snowflakes and cute winter designs for the holiday season. If you're not a pro or can't do the design well- try these... they are amazing!

And finally...
Silver accessories...
I have been only wearing gold (not real, of course) accessories. I don't know exactly why, but silver looks really ugly to me right now. I hope I snap out of it soon because I have TONS of silver jewelry. LOL

Have a good holiday season!
xoxo, Lera :) <3


  1. beautiful inspiration. thank you. DECEMBER IS HERE!!! omg!

  2. amazing blog!!! i'm following you!! if you like mine, do the same!!!

  3. I love rings!! Great inspiration!! I am following u now! :)


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