Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some New Things- a haul + Quick Reviews

Hey beauties!

Sorry for my absence, I thought I really needed a break from the Internet and had to spend time with my family!

But that doesn't mean I didn't shop!
Of course I had to get a couple new things here and there.
I mostly went shopping for work attire. I had so much trouble finding cute things for work that were both affordable and my taste.
And how could I NOT buy makeup??
Of course I had to get a couple of goodies ;)

In order:
1. Wet 'n Wild nailpolish in Sagreena the Teenage Witch.
- I really needed a cheap green for nail art (petals and leafs). This one works well even though it does have some shimmer. But it's fine because you barely see it in such fine details.

2. American Rag Blazer
- I am so in love with this blazer. First of all it isn't your typical blazer material. It's a very soft cloth material. It's also stretch so it fits me like a glove. There is one button so the look can vary. The only down side is that this is kindaaaa very pricey. I found it on the sale rack because I would NEVER pay the original price for one blazer.

3. Body Butter
- I originally got this for my Mama because my friends all razed about it. Then my mother started razing about it. And I realized I had to try it out my self. It's a very thick butter that works wonders on dry skin. I like to alternate between a regular lotion and this body butter because it does feel like a bit too much for everyday use.

4. Glitter ribbon
- I was at Micheal's when I found this cute little guy and honestly I have no idea why I bought it. That store has the most adorable things ever!!

5. Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake
- I was so happy when I found this shade because it seems to be EVERYONES favorite color. The formula is so soft and I love this color on my lips! Definitely try it if you find it ;)

6. American Rag shirt
- The fabric is gorgeous on this shirt... impeccable quality...and beautiful design. This shirt is one of my favorites ever!!

7. A Million Suns by Beth Revis
- Y'all know that I'm a huge sci-fi fan so I couldn't be more happy that the second book from a series by my favorite author came out. 2 words...can't wait!

8. Almay Pressed Powder
- I have a love hate relationship with this powder. Sometimes it makes my face looks flawless and other times it chalky, drying, and horrible. Makes me wonder... why in the world do I keep buying it over??

9. Guess Flats
- I found these flats for a mere $22. Yes. That's a GREAT deal.

10. ELF eyeshadow primer
- I was a Target (the only store that sells ELF makeup :( and I stumbled upon this little dude. My friends use it and say it does a good job at keeping their shadow on. Let's pray it works on my oily lids. Haha :D

Pictures to follow....

xoxo, Lera <3