Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lera's Beauty Tip #1 -- Getting the 3D Blush Look

Hi girlies,
You might have noticed how some makeup companies sell 3D blushes, right?
They are just  regular blushes with shimmer and glitter.
And they charge high prices for something that can be achieved with products that you already own.
I will let you in on a little trick that I have been doing everyday to get the "3D" blush look, that actually works!!

You will need:
Two blushes; one lighter and one darker ( I suggest you pick colors that you usually wear; such as pinks or corals or peachy colors. They should look somewhat alike.)

I like to use
- Mac Well-Dressed Blush (used as top shade)
- Covergirl Blush in Natural Twinkle (used as bottom shade)
Where to apply:

1. Use the lighter shade in the #2 area.
2. Use the darker shade in the #1 area.
3. OPTIONAL: Highlight the cheekbone (#6) with a soft beige shade.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

                                                                                               Love, Lera <3

** I don't own the two blush pictures. Diagram can be found at **


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