Friday, November 11, 2011

Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lip Gloss Review

Hey beauties!

I have a little review for you, I know I haven't done one in a while :( ... sorry

As you may have heard already, Rimmel has released new lip glosses. They are called StayGlossy.
I was able to pick up two shades called Always Lovely (the hot pink shade) and Non-Stop Glamour (the nude shade.)

Being completely different shades, I was surprised that the texture was the same for both.

The hot pink shade didn't come out looking so hot pink. Instead it was a soft pink shade with silver sparkles. There was even a bit of a blue undertone.

The nude-ish shade has tons and tons of beautiful gold glitter. I was pleasantly surprised upon finding all that gold! The gloss took down the natural pinky-ness of my lips. It made then more neutral, but not zombie-looking. LOL. :)

Now for the formula... The company claims that you will get 6 hours of wear out of the gloss. When I wore it, it lasted about 4 hours, but it DID last through a whole meal which amazed me! It's not slippery but not too sticky either. Perfect medium! The smell kind of reminds me of the Moisture Renew glosses from the line. It's pleasant and not too strong.

Overall... I believe that these glosses are a must have! There is a lot of shades that you can choose from and I think that each one is around $5-6.

Enjoy the photos!

xoxo, Lera

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