Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I am currently lovinggggg... :)

I know that I haven't updated my blog in like ages... That's because I have been so busy and frustrated with school this past week. As you may already know, I started a new school. So far, I don't like it all that much... It's kinda blehh and weird because I don't know anyone.
But anyway, on a more cheerful and happy note, let's get started with these awesome things...
#1: I have been loving this shade of Sally Hansen nail polish. It's called Quick Sand. It's basically a really pretty shade of nude with AMAZING sparkles inside. Ahhh, I love it <3
#2: Juicy couture perfume. I am so horrible at describing scents. Its not even funny (LOL). But all I can say is that it's a good everyday scent that I like wearing to school because it kinda adjusts throughout the day. (Starts out really floral in the morning and then becomes a bit more musty during the day.)
#3: This is the cutest planner everrr! I am so into this print. Sadly my school gives out free planners that we have to use- so my twin can have this cuteyyy :)
#4: Rimmel moisture renew lip gloss in pink benefit. I think this gloss has a nice moisturizing formula. I simply put some of this miracle product onto my lips in the morning and I have soft lips throughout the day. By the way, don't you hate when you put on a gloss and it becomes all icky later on your lips? I know I do :/

Again sorry for the lack of posts, loves. I'll try to work on that as much as possible to get it sorted out :)

Xoxo, Lera :) <3

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  1. I Love that perfume its my favorite for the summer


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