Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello to you, and you, and even you

I guess you can call this my "first official blog entry", but I would just call it "Hello to my 0 followers". I know it will take some time to get you guys to read my bog, which is fine because you know I enjoy writing to myself and referring to my 0 readers "guys." On a serious note, today was a pretty good day. I went to school, hung out with friends, made up with a best friend, and now I am typing it all out. I found a really emotional quote that made me sad, inspired, and a whole lot of things. Here it goes:
‎"The girl who seemed unbreakable - broke.
The girl who seemed so strong - crumbled.
The girl who always laughed it off - cried.
The girl who would never stop trying - finally gave up & quit…" ♥

It's beautiful and depressing all at the same time.
What do you think?

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