Monday, August 22, 2011

Finally Back!!

Hiya everybody!


After a long and amazingly fun trip I am back to blogging!

I was so happy to see my blog again and to write you guys a little letter... and give a HUGEE thank you and a warm welcome to my new followers! :)

I had a very interesting and wild trip. To anybody who doesn't know, I went to various countries within Europe. Ahhhh, soooo many things happened on my trip! I met new friends and had a blast with them. 

And then... well.... let me just advise you not to start a relationship in a different country ( but, I guess it happens to everybody sometimes ;) LOL)

I'm excited to start posting again... lots of new and fun posts on the way!

Well, I guess that's all...

'till next time

xoxo, Lera <3

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I really love reading your comments :) Thanks for writing them <3