Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bits and Bobs- an update :)

Hey there guys, I have a little update for you today- which I haven't done in a long time. So here we go...

- I have been getting a lot of new people come and check out my blog, which I am really liking and enjoying. I also have a new subscriber (Hi!). Also, people have been writing really sweet comments, which is such a pleasure to read!

- I have been obsessed with "The Bachelorette"---(I know...don't hate :) ). It is just sooo interesting!

- These shorts are sooo cute, I want them!

- I went shopping and got a really cute ring from Kohl's. It is a sterling silver little ring. It's a silver flower with a little stone in the middle ( so cute and timeless).

- I also got a lot of new shorts that I'm excited to wear during the summertime.

- Speaking of summertime, I won't be updating my blog for a veryyyyy long time because I am going for the whole summer to a different country. Sorry :(

- I wanted to do an outfit of the day with pictures of the actual outfit, but ran out of time. Sorry for that too :(

- How cute are these cupcakes?


             Thats pretty much it! Please follow me if you enjoy reading my blog :)

                                                                                            xoxo, Lera


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