Friday, June 24, 2011

The Weekly wishlist- Shoes!

Yeahh, I know- I don't need any more shoes. But come on, what kind of a girl isn't obsessed with shoe shopping? Uh yeah, I love my shoes.
So in proud honor of shoes, I will share with y'all my wishist:

Forever 21- Suedette Leopard Print Booties

I know what you're thinking. WHOA Leraaaaa... not exactly my cup of tea. And I get it. Not mines either, but I like to experiment with new things and try out different fashions. Therefore, this would be my "Splurge Item" if you would. I would like to get them, but that's obviously not going to occur any time soon.

2. Aldo-

CRONER $ 70.00

Turquoise heels or shoes in general have been a huge hit this season. I would like to own a pair of these babies really bad. I personally would pair them up with white shorts, and a colorful tee. These shoes would be great to color-block with. 

3.Steve Madden Shoes, Grooom Sandals
These are totally different from the other shoes that I have LOL. I think these will be the shoe that you live in during the summer time. They're sandals (my fav) and are super comfy. Plus, they have the super-uppperr adorable stones that will shine and reflect the Sun's rays gorgeously. Again, you can pretty much wear these with everything; from a summer dress to denim cut-off's and a tee.

4.Guess Shoes, Tutu Sandals
I cannot begin to tell you have excited I am to see these cuties :) I have been on the search for really adorable flippies for a long time. Finally you are mine, mwah ha ha ha :P I would rock these with anything under the sun. Bottom line; These are sooo frikin adorable. I would own all three colors of these little guys.

5. Material Girl Shoes, Ice Flat Sandals
I really like these too. Ahhhh so many shoes, so little time (JK). I love how they have the glittery body, the soft chiffon bow, and the metal chain accent. Everything that I love in one shoe-PERFECT! A bit pricey for a simple shoe but I tried these on in the store and they felt really nice. Currently, they are out of my size so I hope that they will have these up again soon.

The date that I am leaving is July 9th. I hope to blog as much as possible every day. Hopefully, I will have loads of posts up before I leave.

What are you're plans for summer?

Did you like any of these cuties??
                                                                                Love y'all. xoxo, Lera <3


  1. love that leopard..pretty cool..

    i'm following you now
    wish you can do the same thing whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. I love the first two! Those are so cute!


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  3. Love those leopard shoes! Thanks for dropping by my blog. following you. xx

  4. I love the blue shoes!

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    I wear happy about you following sweety <3

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    Lots of love <3<3<3

  6. Thank you all for the nice comments <3 :)

  7. Love them all! <3


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