Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trend Alert! Men's Fashion for Women

Ever since I did the Trend Alert post, they became really popular. Therefore, I'm doing a second one.

Today's Trend Alert, is women wearing men's inspired clothes.
A couple examples and ways to make the clothes look beautiful:

What to wear:
- Buttoned shirts
- Pants
- Bottoms with bold patterns
- Clogs
- Dress shoes
- Simple shoes
- Belts!!
- Minimal accessories
- Solid colored Bags
- Bold lipstick
- Thick mascara
- Eyeliner

 Watcha think about this trends girlies?
                                                                                                                       xoxo, Lera :D

Thank you for the new followers! Welcome to the family! Ha ha ha :)


  1. Love this trend! I always steal Alan's shirt, tie'em up and wear'em with shorts!

  2. Ha ha that's so cute. I love this trend too! :)


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