Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I'm loving right now

This week has been so stressful due to many reasons but especially because school is almost over, I have a bunch of tests to take, graduation, and all other things! I'm so stressed out! aghhhhhh
On a happier note, (sorry I had to vent) these are things I have been loving:

1. Sandals- My feet have been getting awfully tired because I have been doing a lot of walking and what not, but sandals are just soo comfy that I love wearing them in warm weather!

2. Frozen Hot Chocolate from Dunkin Donuts- OMG! So delicious!! It basically tastes like cold fudge syrup, but I love it!! Currently, my favorite summer drink.

3. Cardigans- Again, I'm too lazy and busy and stressed that I can't dress myself too well. So, these are perfect for throwing over a tee and being ready in the morning.

4.  Sailor dresses- An easy and fast outfit ( cause I'm a lazy bum :) ). Looks super cute. And as I mentioned in my previous post, the nautical theme is HUGE this season!
(The last last dress isn't very nautical, but still very cute and something I would wear!)

                                                                                               What are you loving right now?
                                                                                                        xoxo, Lera


  1. Congrats on graduation! And I love the sailor dress/nautical theme! It's so trendy. And I haven't tried the frozen hot chocolate before. Sounds delish!

  2. Definitely is! YOU MUST TRY IT!! :) and thanksss


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