Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random: A talking Google and a bit of an update

Hey dolls,
     OMG, did you realize that Google has a talking feature? Yeah, you can TALK TO GOOGLE!! Has it always been there and I'm slow or am I the first to notice? Anywho, it is pretty awesome to talk to a computer and have it do the typing for you. If only it can do it for everything in life (sighhhhh).
      I also want to say a big HELLO to the new girlies that have decided to follow my blog...thank you sooo much! I honestly didn't think I would have at least one follower- so thank you. And a shout-out for my oldies who have followed me from the start- HELLO to you girls too!
      If you haven't noticed, I have made a poll in the right side column. PLEASE VOTE IN IT!! I really want to get a sense of what you would like for me to blog about in the future. I am currently thinking about doing the "Things you don't know about me" thing-a-ma-jig. Would like to see that??  Tell me in the comments below what you would like me to write about :)

      Now, an update on my life. So I have finished all my needed exams that I'm required to take to finish my school (thank god!). All I have left is graduation which is this Thursday--which is a wholeeeeeee different story. I officially finish the 28th of June :D and then it's summertime.
     However, as you know, I will not be able to blog for the whole summer because I am going to a different country :( sorry lovelies.

Things I have been loving lately:

Yes, that's right-- Simply Lemonade with Raspberry :) One word- AWESOME!!

Buns- My favorite hairstyle in the hot weather because it's so cute and easy to do :)

Cute Coin Purses: How adorable are these? I would love to have all of them :) Of course, my actual one isn't thatttt cute :( sad face
$19.99 at modcloth.com

Forever 21

7 Cute Coin Purses … Have nooo idea, but it's soo cute, right?

Forever 21 $4.80

That's it dollies, Please vote in the poll!
                                                                                        xoxo, Lera :)

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